Home Computer Services

We offer the following services.

virusVirus Removal $60 – We specialize in removing viruses without reloading your computer.  What does this mean?  All of you pictures, music, videos and programs will still be on your computer when we are done. We know this is much harder than reloading your computer and it takes a little more time, but we think that losing all of your data is is not a necessity.


clean_installReload of Windows $50 – If for some reason you want to start all over like a new computer.  We can do that also! We have all the software needed to reload your computer and get it back to new condition.



datarecoveryData Recovery $50 – Did you accidentally delete all of your pictures or documents?  As long as the hard drive is functional we can probably recover your files.  + we do not charge if we do not recover!



houseIn-Home Repair/Installation $100/hour – We highly recommend that you bring your computer to us to save as much money as possible.  For those issues that cannot be done in our shop, we do offer in home repairs and installations.  Whether your internet is no longer working or you just purchased a new computer and do not know how to hook it up.  Call us and we can take care of that for you.


3dprinter3D Printer Repair – We have been 3D printing for over 3 years now. We have the skills to repair all your 3D printer problems.